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Difference between Linux and Windows Hosting


There are quite a number of differences between the Linux and Windows hosting  that can be listed as good or bad for either one of them. Let’s look at some of them and try to arrive at which one might be the better pick for any particular application.

First, there is cost:  The Linux is an Open Source platform so it is free. Like all of the other free software, there are good and bad in that, alone. The adaptability and the license-free use is one thing. Windows costs the users a fee and will cost for any applications that are used.

Both the Linux and Windows have a very good reliability record, however, the Linux does enjoy a bit less “down” time.

Software would be the big difference between the two of these very popular systems. The Linux uses the free software as well as any paid for apps. Windows uses all of the paid for Microsoft software and a few of the free apps as well.

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